Create a Blog Page in a blogger

We all have some creative elements in our personality. Now you all must be thinking about it. So let me help you all out with this. Creating a blog page is one of the effective ways of portraying your talent.

In this content we will understand how to create a blog page.

We have to create some pages whose content does not change like “About Page”, “Contact Page” and “Privacy Policy Page” of a blog. People go to different pages to get the required information. So to make your blog easy and effective, you can use pages for it.

Pages can appear on the top of your blog as tabs or as links on any side.

Create, edit, or delete pages

  • In the top left, click the Down arrow.
  • Select the blog you created
  • On the left menu, click Pages.
  • Create a new page:- Click the New page. Enter a page title and other information and
  • you have three buttons there to click Save, Preview, or Publish.
  • Edit a page:- Under the page, you want to edit, click Edit. Update your page and click Save, Preview, or Publish.
  • Delete a page:- Under the page, you want to remove, click Delete and then Ok.
  • Create a link to another website
  • In the “Pages” section, click Edit Edit.
  • Under “Pages to show,” click + Add external link.
  • Enter the page title and URL and click Save Link.


Before we start writing a post, we need to know how to write it. So, my friends, you have to view the links given below and by following them you will be able to make your content searchable in Google.

We call it “SEO Checklist or SEO Analysis”. By following this, your post will be visible in Google‘s search.

Blogger note:- You can never use a post like a page because posts are separated from blogger pages.

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