How to start a Blog on google for free? Meaning of Blog

How to start a Blog on google for free? Meaning of Blog

Why do we need to make a blog?

We are in the Digital world. When people ask me what is the use of making a blog? The only answer to this is money. Some people might call me greedy because they believe that bringing knowledge to the world is their first duty and later money. Whereas my belief is to generate some passive income along with active income according to our knowledge and skills.

Meaning of Blog

A regularly updated website or web page is usually run by an individual or a small group. It is written in an easy or conversational style. If you want to create a blog site, then make a blogsite by reading this post properly. Creating a blogsite is a very easy process. Therefore before making it, you have to do some preparation.

For example

Keep the below-given list ready first.


You cannot just name your blogsite by anything, you have to understand the nature of your blogsite and keep the name related to it. First try to understand what is special about you, on which topic you have more knowledge.

If you do not know on which topic you can write, then you can ask your friends and family members. Those people will be able to tell you better.

If you know on which subject you can write, you can only decide the name of the blog related to that subject and start your blog writing.

2.Gmail Id

Yes, guys, you have to create a new Gmail ID, because you will have to signup to that email ID in many places, start a new job with a new ID.

Ok lets Start with it Step by Step

You can create and manage your webblog with Blogger.

Step 1.

Search Blogger in Google or Click here we search for you.

Step 2.

We really need to go to So you can go directly by clicking here.

Step 3.

Now let’s look at these two ways you can create your webblog.

First will be the button of “sign-in” on the upper corner of your left-hand side, click on it.

Secondly, Click on the “Create Your Blog” button.

both are redirect to you here.

Step 3.

Please enter a Title for your blogsite.

Step 4.

Choose a web address or URL & select a template.

Step 4.

Click on “Create Blog”.


I hope friends, you all must have understood how to create a blogsite. We have created our blog.

You might be having some questions right now.

How to manage a site, a page, and write a post? Click here to know all this.

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